Australian Aboriginal Memory Technique Works Better Than Sherlock Holmes’ Mind Palace | IFLScience

A technique used by Aboriginal Australians to remember information has outperformed the Mind Palace developed by the Ancient Greeks and popular in the west
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We Could Soon Have Vaccines for Cancer, HIV Thanks to COVID-19 Vaccine

Scientists discovered the technology that fuels COVID-19 vaccines 25 years ago. Now they want to use it to prevent other life-threatening illnesses.
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The Number of People With Parkinson’s Disease is Skyrocketing… This Is Why

A common chemical used in a wide range of everyday products such as dry cleaning, shoe polish, industrial cleaning agents and some carpet cleaners, has now been linked to Parkinson’s, in addition to being a known carcinogen. It’s so bad, that one may have stopped exposure, and yet, decades later they will be diagnosed with the debilitating, and always, deadly, neurological disease.

I had an Uncle who had Parkinson’s and it was a slow, and steady decline to an early death. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone,

Your brain on cortisol: Why overstressed gray matter is leading us astray in lockdown

Prolonged traumatic stress that most people have been experiencing throughout the pandemic makes it more difficult to keep desires in check and in turn promotes illogical pleasure-seeking.
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Must See, Dr. Forest Tennant’s New Website, “Hormones and Pain Care Information Network”

Hormones and Pain Care Information Network
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Chronic Pain Patients Shouldn’t Have Opioids Abruptly Tapered, Says New Guidance : Shots – Health News : NPR

Researchers say chronic pain patients can feel suicidal or risk overdose when taken off medication too quickly. The warnings seek to course-correct after doctors felt pressured to taper drugs rapidly.
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US attack on WHO ‘hindering morphine drive in poor countries’ | Society | The Guardian

Claims have hurt efforts to help people around world in acute pain, say palliative care experts
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Non Organic, Processed Foods have Dangerously High Levels of Cancer Causing Weed Killer, “Glyphosate in Food: Complete List of Products and Brands Filled with Popular Cancer-Causing Weed-Killer

Concern over glyphosate in food has risen after Monsanto was found guilty in covering up their cancer-causing product. Here are the foods you need to avoid.
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CDC warns against misuse of opioid-prescribing guideline | MDedge Internal Medicine

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are warning against the misapplication of the agency’s 2016 guidelines on opioid prescribing, as wel
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