Meth, not fentanyl, driving overdose deaths in western US – ABC News

In the majority of states west of the Mississippi River, methamphetamine was the most common drug implicated in drug overdose deaths, according to a government report.
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The DEA continues to target legitimate medical doctors, pharmacists and pain patients instead of going after gangs and cartels. The drug epidemic is fueled by the vast quantities of cheap meth and heroin made by the drug Cartels, and Fentanyl is easily shipped in overseas from China. Nowadays, most pharmacies won’t even carry large quantities of prescription pain medications, if they carry any, at all. Medical Doctors are too scared to prescribe pain medications, forcing patients to go off of their meds overnight. This is dangerous and inhumane.

Addiction is a public health crisis but so is chronic pain. The media continues to demonize pain medications instead of focusing on the heroin and meth that is at the heart of this tragic epidemic. It is easier for the DEA to target medical practitioners, who have strict guidelines to follow in order to be able to prescribe pain medications. Every year, multiple pain doctors and anesthesiologists are forced to retire because the DEA opens an investigation into their practices. Even though, they are not found guilty of any crimes, the DEA keeps these investigations open indefinitely. The doctors that I have spoken to about this, have told me that they cannot afford to pay the legal fees to keep their offices open, while fighting the DEA, for an indefinite amount of time.

Cancer patients, Intractable Pain and Palliative Care patients, are then left without pain relief and often turn to suicide. Those who cannot find a Dr in their area, after their Dr is forced to close their offices, turn to the streeys. Because the media makes it sound like overprescribing is still the reason why the drug epidemic is flourishing, causes people to think that pills ava on the streets are real pain medications from legitimate pharmacies. However, fake pills look just like real pills.

Counterfeit narcotics are indistinguishable from real pharmaceuticals. Often, street pills are laced with Fentanyl. In fact, that is exactly how Primce died. He couldn’t get the pain medication he asked for, from his Dr. So, his friend got him Vicodin from the street. The pills Pince took were counterfeit Vicodin pills. Had his Dr not been confined to prescribing a tiny quantity of medication, he could have given him the Oxycodone he gave him, plus the Vicodin Pince had requested. Prince was paranoid about becoming addiction. an addict. Tragically, no one explained the difference between chemical dependency versus addiction

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